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Independent Advantage is the largest association of independent casket companies in North America. Our membership includes both casket manufacturers and distributors. Our 9 member firms provide caskets, cremation products, and related services to leading independent funeral homes across the United States and Canada. The group collectively operates over 30 casket distribution centers, and boasts well over 600 years of combined service to the Funeral profession.

Since its inception, the Independent Advantage Group has had as its mission to assist its fellow members in competing against the larger corporate casket companies. We combine our buying power. We freely share ideas and strategies to strengthen both our individual companies, and the Group as a whole.

The vast majority of American Funeral Homes are family owned. Indeed, family ownership and the personal relationships Funeral Directors enjoy with their client families have been the foundation of the death care industry. Similarly, we feel that family owned Funeral Homes are best served by family owned casket providers. We “speak the same language”. We face similar challenges and opportunities. Independent Advantage members don’t have to answer to Wall Street…they answer only to their valued Funeral Director customers on Main Street, USA.

Thank you again for visiting our website. Please refer to the Independent Advantage Member List to find the name and address of the Independent Advantage casket company closest to you.

The Independent Advantage Group …“Our families helping leading Funeral Directors serve their families with dignity, economy, and integrity”.